1000 cca 4 x 4 Jumpstarter MGR1000

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MGR1000 4 x 4 Jump Starter 

Details :

 A Real Life Saver: Ultra Strong Jump Starting Power 
20,000mAh capacity battery pack is able to jump start all 12V gasoline/petrol cars and up to 4.5 L diesel engine up to 30times with 1000A peak current. This unit has been tested on vehicles including V8 diesel engines and will provide multiple starts even without a battery connected.
Extremely powerful and has proven very popular for 4x4's farming, caravan parks, councils and multiple industries that need a reliable and powerful jump starter for their small to mid sized diesel engines.
True Capacity 20000mAh & True 1000A Peak Current: 4PCS * 5000mAh High-Rate Lithium Polymer Battery to make true 20000mAh capacity. What we use are High-Temperature Batteries to be much safer when storage in cars. Innovative and field-leading technology to use 4PCS batteries to make the jump starter, not 3PCS batteries in the market, to get a higher jump starting power 1000A.
Dual USB Outlets: USB5V1A & USB5V2.1A Able to fast charge smart cell phones, mobiles, tablets, pads, and other consuming electronic devices. 20000mAh capacity can charge your smart phones about 8 times or charge your tablets about 3 times. 
Dual High-Current DC12V Outlets: DC12V15A with Cigarette Lighter Adapter Able to drive almost all car electronic appliances: such as car DVR, car cooler, car vacuum cleaner, car air compressor, car power tool, car walkie talkie, car lift jack, car fan, car light, sat nav's, camera batteries  and other devices
Ultra-Bright LED Light: 1 Watt
With 3 modes of emergency lighting, SOS, strobe
Ultra Compact-Size & Light-Weight:  Only 178mm x 84mm x 50mm and only 630g, which is so portable and handy, small enough to be easily stored in your glovebox or in your bag.
Advanced Satety Protection: Smart Booster Cable with LED indicator light - The MGR1000 has the latest in smart cable technology. The smart cables have multiple protections including Short-Circuit Protection  - Reverse-Charging Protection  - Reverse-Polarity protection  - Over-Current Protection  - Over-Load Protection  - Over-Voltage Protection  - Over-Charge Protection  - Over-Discharge Protection  - Over-Temperature Protection As an additional protection, the Smart booster cables will automatically alarm if connected incorrectly ensuring safety at all times for both the jump starter and your vehicle.
Steps Easily to Jump Start Your Car: - Insert the smart booster cable to the jump starter port: the LED indicator light will flash red and green - Connect the positive/red clamp to the "+" car battery terminal and negative/black clamp to the "-" car battery pole. The LED lights will continue to flash Red and Green. Start your vehicle.5
Car Jump Starter Specifications:  - Battery Capacity: 20000mAh = 74Wh - Peak Current: 1000A - Input: 15V/1A - Fully Charged Time: about 5 hours - Dual USB Output: 5V1A & 5V2.1A - Dual DC Output: 12~16V15A - LED Light: 1W of Light/SOS/Strobe - Operating temperature: -20 to +60 ℃  - Size: 178x84x50MM
- Weight: 630G
What's in the Box:
1x MGR1000 4 x 4 jump starter
1x Smart intelligent auto activate booster cables including a button for manual activation for dead or no battery starts. 
1x Australian Standard AC wall charger: AC100-240V to DC15V1A
1x 12 Volt Female cigar socket connector for attaching 12 volt appliances to the jump starter.
1x 3 Tip high quality braid phone charging cable to suit Apple Samsung and Type 3
1x 12 Volt cigarette lighter adapter connector
1x OBDII memory saver. Plug into the OBD (On Board Diagnostic) port under the dash and your jump starter when you need to disconnect the battery. It saves the car computers memory. No more resetting of everything after a battery change.
1x Sturdy Zipper carry case (soft hard) to keep everything together.
1x MGR1000 users manual.
- Use this unit for 12V automotive vehicle batteries only, and with 1000CCA rating or less.
- This unit is for emergency jump starts only: Do not use it as a replacement for the car battery. 
- Make sure the jump starter capacity is >50%, that is at least 2 solid indicator lights are on.
- Do not connect together or reverse connect of the positive/red and negative/black clamps.
- Disconnect the cable from the jump starter and from the car battery immediately after the engine is started.
- Please only use the provided smart booster cable only for our this jump starter unit.
- Please full charge it at least one time every 3 months- Do not expose this unit to rain or fire.
- Keep away from children.


  • 5
    1000 CCA jump starter

    Posted by Ian phone 0400529753 on 2nd Jun 2020

    This in the best jump starter I have ever owned, very compact and easy to store away in my vehicle with taking up a lot of space. Very happy with the unit.

  • 5
    1000 CCA 4x4 JUMPSTARTER

    Posted by Samantha Boughen on 1st Jun 2020

    Awesome little kit - have now purchased 2 and use them almost on a weekly basis. Great for jumpstarting so simple and done in under 5 minutes, fantastic little unit for charging phones & laptop when camping or outdoors away from power sources. Cant remember what it was like with out it - always in the car ready and charged

  • 5
    Awesome little kit

    Posted by Samantha Boughen on 1st Jun 2020

    Love this little device, have bought 2 already
    Jumpstart car, charge the phone, laptop etc when camping at footy, anywhere actually, also have used the torch a couple times
    Don't know how we lived without it

  • 5
    Marxgold 1000 4x4 Jumpstarter

    Posted by Rob Taylor on 1st Jun 2020

    We purchased a 4x4 Jumpstarter at last years Henty Field Day. In our mixed farming enterprise the 4x4 has proved an invaluable tool starting Vehicles,Augers and stationary motors. We often say how did we ever operate without this Jumpstarter

  • 5
    Marxgold 4X4 1000 Amp Jump Starter

    Posted by Bruce and Marg How Baby Boomers on the road on 1st Jun 2020

    Marxgold Mini Jump Starter

    Review by Bruce and Marg Gow Baby Boomers On The Road

    Some time ago we reviewed a mini jump starter that really impressed. As times change, so does technology and our requirements. The previous unit wasn’t going to cut it any longer, mainly because it wasn’t big enough to jump start our Landcruiser.

    At a recent Bendigo Leisurefest, we saw the Marxgold 4x4 Jump Starter 1000A. It caught my eye because this little wonder will jumpstart not only our six cylinder diesel but any V8 petrol or diesel up to 30 times without recharging.

    The unit comes with a heap of accessories including an OBD unit that protects your vehicle’s settings when the battery is disconnected. It also comes with several charger leads that plug into either of the two USB points. The jump starter has a fail safe attachment that won’t allow you to proceed until charge builds up, when a green light comes on to indicate it is ready. The jump button is then pressed to jump start the vehicle.
    While you’re travelling, you can plug this unit into your vehicle’s cigarette outlet, plug your phones and devices into the USB ports and they will be ready, charged up by the time you each your next destination, whilst the jump starter itself remains fully charged.

    I plugged the Marxgold 4x4 jump starter into my 50ltr Waeco fridge that runs at -1C to -2C, on a day when the ambient temperature was about 28C. The fridge is on our deck and in the shade and the Marxgold ran that fridge for just over six hours. I was very impressed.

    The unit also has fitted a very bright torch that can be used in strobe or warning light mode.Four blue digital lights indicate the level of charge and the unit can be easily recharged via the 240v lead included or via the 12v cig outlet.

    Keep an eye out for these at your next caravan and camping show or check out their website…


  • 5
    1000 cca jumpstarter

    Posted by mark skimmings on 30th May 2020

    I purchased one of these 12 months ago at a field day for use on our farm where we have problems with flat batteries all the time I have used it half a dozen times and it is a beauty very easy to use and connect and has very long battery life before it needs charging I have recommended it to lots of people and we carry it with us when we are travelling in our RV so we can help other people out of trouble if needed and it is extremely good value

  • 5
    4X4 Jumpstarter

    Posted by Bill Haines on 30th May 2020

    I purchased a 4X4 jumpstarter at the Seymore Expo in February.
    And have been delighted with how usefull this unit has been around the farm.
    I have used it to start, mowers, generators the tractor and my ute
    as well as keeping my phone charged and my beer cold.
    who could ask for a more useful gadget.
    Bill Haines
    28 Fergusons Lane

  • 5
    Great unit. When out water skiing used it to start a stranger's Toyota Hilux diesel when standard jump leads from another car failed

    Posted by Unknown on 29th May 2020


  • 5
    Marxgold 1000 CCA 4 x 4 Jumpstarter

    Posted by Kaye Thomson on 29th May 2020

    We first saw one of these in use in summer when camping with friends. We received a message to leave the area before the fire danger became severe. Their vehicle, a Landcruiser, had a flat battery which was started quickly and easily using the jumpstarter. It was hard to believe how such a compact piece of equipment could perform so well. Since purchasing our own we have needed to use it twice on different vehicles. Both these vehicles were in a garage and would have been impossible to access for a conventional jumpstart without having to push them out. Jumper leads are a thing of the past with the Marxgold 1000CCA 4 x 4 Jumpstarter. It is easy to use and can be taken anywhere in any vehicle.