MGU1000 Supercapacitor Jump Starter

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The MGU1000 Jump Starter.

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH SPECIAL. Discounted price and Free Shipping Australia wide until the 16th of January 2022.

The MGU1000 is a supercapacitor jump starter suitable for recreational 4x4 and petrol cars. This is a completely maintenance free jump starter. Yes, you can put this one in the boot and leave it there until you need it. When you get a flat battery and your car will not start, connect the MGU1000 jump starter to the flat battery, watch as the jump starter will fully charge from your flat battery. This will take around 3 minutes. Once charged you press either the Red or Green button on the jump starter and go and start the car.

Red and Green Button, what is the difference.

The Red button is great for people who are on their own. Once you press the Red button, the jump starter will not immediately activate, it will delay for  seconds allowing you to get back in the car and be ready to start the car as soon as the jump starter activates. This will ensure you are getting the full amount of cranking power from the jump starter.

The Green button is great when there is people. With one person in the car ready to start it, when the jump starter is full, pressing the green button immediately activates the jump starter allowing the second person to crank it immediately.

Your battery will need at least 5 volts in it to be able to charge the Jump Starter. Accessory equipment is included for alternative methods of charging the jump starter in necessary.  

Truly maintenance free, it can stay uncharged until you need it, even if it is years.

High cranking ability with 1000 Amps Peak output.

Short circuit and reverse polarity protections.

Overload and overcharge protections

Pure Supercapacitor, NO BATTERY INCLUDED. High and low temperature storage with out any problems.

Waterproof, robust and can sustain falls.

LCD intelligent display, easy to operate.

LCD display can be changed to multiple languages. 

A truly reliable jump starter that does not need ongoing maintenance.