MGU1200 Ultracapacitor Jump Starter

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The MGU1200 is an ultracapacitor jump starter capable of 1200 Amp output. This will allow it to start diesels up to 7litres. Unlike battery style jump starters, ultracapacitor jump starters do not rely on a battery inside the jump starter to start the vehicle, instead they have ultracapacitors aka supercapacitors inside. The ultracapacitor jump starter does not need to be kept charged, instead you can leave the MGU1200 in the vehicle boot for when you need it, this could even be years. When you need it, you connect it to the flat battery of your vehicle just like a normal jump starter, wait for around 150 to 180 seconds and the MGU1200 will fully charge from the flat battery. The digital screen will then display "jump start ready". When this is displayed, start your car.

Tech Specs

Size 295 x 219 x 81 mm
Weight 2000 g
Backup Battery Capacity 6000 mAh
Output 12 V cars jump start
Input 5V~2A, 12V~10A
Peak Current 1200 A
Charging time for capacitor

40 mins (5V~2A), 5 mins (12V~10A)

150 sec (car battery),

8 mins (back up battery)

Charging time for back up


4 hours (5V~2A)

50 mins (12V~10A)

Charging time from back up

battery to ultracapacitor

3 mins
Operating Temperature -20C ~ 60C

Ultracapacitor Advantages

  • Long sevice life up to 10 years
  • No need to maintain in a charged state (maintanence free)
  • Powerfull and can be recharged up to 500,000 times
  • Access's the state of the vehicles battery and display on the digital screen
  • MGU1200 can be charged 4 different ways, weak car battery (=>5V), 12 volt external source, 5 V external source, MGU1200's own built in back up battery (6000mAH Lithium)
  • Includes a built in 3 mode torch.