Who are we

Marxgold Starting Solutions

Our company was started in 2013 in Maryborough QLD. Originally we were supplying the outdoor recreational market with a range of outdoor products. During this time we recognized a strong demand for starting solutions for when vehicle batteries would not crank the engine. This was due to either battery failure or being drawn down with loads or leakage. As most people would be aware, if you are not prepared for this event, it can be a time consuming and an expensive exercise to get your vehicle or equipment started again.

At Marxgold Starting Solutions we offer both emergency and permanent solutions to engine starting. Our powerful 12 volt and 12/24 volt jumpstarter range offers an ideal solution to restart a vehicle or equipment with a flat or dead battery whilst KBI’s patented KSM (KaPower Starting Module) range offers a powerful and reliable permanent starting solution to ensure that your vehicle or equipment starts every time, all the time even if the batteries are completely depleted.

So if you are looking for a high quality jumpstarter or you  would like a permanent solution to eliminate flat battery no starts forever, talk to us because at Marxgold Starting Solutions we are