1 to 2 Joined Piggyback Lead 50A 8AWG 300mm


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1 to 2 Anderson Piggyback Lead 50A 8AWG 300mm

The 1 to 2 Piggyback connector is constructed from 8 AWG (8 B&S) tinned cable and 50 Amp Anderson Connectors made of tough polycarbonate. The connection pins silver plated copper. The Anderson connections are generic meaning they cannot be connected wrong and mate with any other Grey or Black Anderson connectors.

This Anderson style Single to Twin Plug is perfect for when you need to split a power source for two different 12V accessories. The plugs are also ideal for accessories that need to be moved or interchanged.

Use this lead to run an air compressor, inverter or even DCDC charger. The protective sheath will prevent damage to the cable and can withstand heat up to 125°C, the 8AWG (8B&S) cable can withstand heat up to 200°C

The cable comes precisely crimped by machine and all you will have to do its plug it in.

Anderson Style Plug:

50 AMP Rating

Silver plated copper terminals

The high current 8 AWG cable will ensure minimum voltage drop.

Cable Size

8 AWG (8 B&S) Twin Core


Andersons Style 50 Amp


Grey Both Ends

Fitment Type



3 Meters

Recommended Maximum Load

40 Amps

Max Amps Critical Load Distance

3 Meters

Max Amps Non Critical Load Distance

9.1 Meters

12 months