Posted by Mark Bygrave on 6th Sep 2020

Product Spotlight KSM

KAPOWER STARTING MODULES PERMANENT ENGINE STARTING SOLUTION We often get asked What is a permanent engine starting solution We use batteries, what else is there? Our KSM or KA …

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Posted by Mark Bygrave on 19th Feb 2019

Marxgold Starting Solutions in Tasmania,

Marxgold Starting Solutions provide jump starters, starting modules and associated products for starting, maintaining and extending battery life of vehicles and equipment. Our super/ultracapacitor …

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Posted by Mark Bygrave on 19th Dec 2018

KrankingKART Mini HD 12 Volt Jump Starter

Well, who would have ever thought, a jump starter that has a very long service life and doesn't ever need to be plugged into a 240 volt outlet or cigar socket to be charged. Not only that, it has a ve …

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