MGR1000 Jump starter cable


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Full protection smart cable to suit MGR1000 PRO Marxgold 4 x 4 jump starter.

Our full protection cable is designed to protect both your vehicle and the jump starter.


  • Automatic battery detection and activation (solid green)
  • Reverse polarity protection (red Beeping)
  • Incorrect voltage protection (red Beeping)
  • Low jump start battery protection  (solid red)
  • Overheating of the jump starting cable protection (red)
  • Battery short circuit protection (Red Beeping)
  • Anti spike to protect your vehicles computer


Our cables also feature the ability to start a vehicle with a completely dead or no battery. Once connected to the vehicles battery, the jump start cables will generally continue to flash Green and Red. At this point, just go an attempt to start the car.

The cables send out intermittent signals looking for a current draw. When you have the key turned an the cranking engaged you will have open up a current draw circuit that the jump starter will find while sending out the intermittent signals. 

When the jump starter finds the current draw, the cables will active and the light will become green and the engine will start to crank.

There are several ways to activate the cables on a dead flat vehicle. Depending on the current draw, turning the lights or the like may activate the cables.