MGW1200 Waterproof 4x4 Boating Jump Starter

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MGW1200 Waterproof 4x4 Boating Jump Starter

The MGW1200 is a powerful jump starter suitable for both 4WD's and Boats. Outputting peak amps of up to 1200, it will start most recreational 4WD vehicles and boats. The MGW1200 will jump start vehicles up to 3.5 liter or above with diesel engines and also large petrol engines up to 7 liters. The MGW1200 can also start larger vehicles depending on the state of the vehicles battery. The rugged design ensures the jump starter is tough and build to handle Australian conditions.

The waterproof design ensures the MGW1200's ports do not deteriorate in conditions where there is dirt, dust, salt air and sea spray. The rugged design is built to a IP67 standard and the MGW1200 can be submersed in water without damage. The MGW1200 has a waterproof cover on the front of the jump starter that houses all the important input and output ports. Keeping this closed at all times when not in use will ensure ongoing reliability by keeping the inputs and outputs clean and safe from the elements.


The obvious benefits of owning a MGW1200 jump starter is to provide a jump start to a vehicle or boat on demand. We know how important it is to have a jump starter handy in the instance of a flat battery, although very inconvenient, the gravity of the situation will depend on where and when this occurs. At home, late at night after work, remote camping site, fishing on the beach, in the outback or out in a boat. Batteries have a habit of letting you down just when you don't want them to. It pays to always keep the MGW1200 in your vehicle and don't forget to put it into the boat when going fishing. We often hear stories of people who would have been in a lot more trouble if they didn't have their jump starter with them. 

The benefits don't just stop there, it has a handy torch, power supply for charging phones and devices and can also run 12 volt appliances. The different uses you will benefit from by having an MGW1200 are endless and it will soon become apparent, it is a must have for everywhere you go.


Intelligent Jump Start Cable

The MGW1200's intelligent jump start cables are constructed from heavy duty 8AWG cable and feature the latest safety features. The indicator light on the smart cables will show the state of the jump start.

These include

Red/Green Flash - Ready to Start 

Red Light is on Before Jump Start - Reverse Polarity / Short Circuit / Battery is higher than 12.6 Volts - check for other starting issues

Red Light is on After Jump Start - Reverse Charging Protection

Red Light is Flashing Quickly - The temperature of the clamps is over 65°C - Remove until the Red/Green lights flash

Green Light Flashes Slowly - Low Jump Starter Battery - Charge the Jump Starter

MGW1200 Powerbank outputs.

The MGW1200 is perfect to use as a power bank. It features an EC5 Jump start port which can be used for running 12 volt accessories, 2 x QC18 watt fast charging USB ports, a fast charging Type C+PD30 port.

EC5 port power supply

We have included 2 accessories that connect to the jump starters EC5 port. One is a 12 volt female cig socket connector. Use this connector to run 12 volt appliances that connect by a cig socket connection like fridges, LED lights, shower pumps or ever compressors. The second connector is a OBD memory saver. Use the OBD, On Board Diagnostic memory saver to maintain the vehicles computer memory when you wish to disconnect the vehicles battery. Plug the OBD into the MGR1200 and then connect it to the OBD port of your vehicle. The jump starter will maintain power to the computer system of your vehicle while you disconnect the vehicles battery for maintenance or repairs.

Type C PD 30 Watt

Use the Type C port for fast charging phones and devices. Capable of supplying up to 30 watts of power for charging larger devices. The MGW1200 kit also includes a Type C to Type C cable for this use. You can also fast charge the Jump Starter through this port using the included Type C to Type C cable and included 240 Volt AC charger.

QC18W USB x 2

The MGW1200 includes 2 x fast charging USB ports for charging of phones and devices. Capable of supplying 18 watts of power to keep those devices topped up.

Torch/Signaling light

The MGW1200 has a torch included that has 3 modes. A bright torch for general use, Strobe mode for warning of trouble ahead. This is especially good for slowing traffic in the case of an accident on the road or the like and the SOS mode which can be used to signal for help. The torch and on off switch are designed to be operated without compromising the water proof features of the MGW1200. 

MGW1200 Charging

The MGW1200 has indicator lights to show the state of charge of the jump starters battery. We have included an Australian Standard AC power supply for charging the MGW1200. The AC charger includes 2 outputs, a USB 18 watt output and a Type C fast charging output. The fastest way to charge the MGW1200 is through the Type C charging port. Connect the 240 volt AC charger via the included Type C to Type C cable to the Typo C port on the MGW1200. Charging will take around 4.5 Hours. You can also use the included USB to Type C cable. Using a Standard USB port to charge the MGW1200 can take up to 9 hours. For vehicle charging, if your vehicle has a USB or Type C port, you can use this to charge the MGW1200 while driving. 



Model MGW1200
Capacity 16000 mAh
Micro USB input 5V/2.1A
Type C Input and Output

PD 30 Watt

5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/2.5A, 20V/1.5A

USB 1 Output 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V1.5A
USB 2 Output 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V1.5A
Start Current 600 Amp >1 sec
Peak Current 1200 Amp <0.2 sec
Short Circuit Protection Effective
Over Discharge Protection <=13V (+ - 0.3V)
Over Temperature Protection

 >65°C (+ - 5°C)

 Reverse Polarity Protection  Effective
 Reverse Charging Protection  >=12.6V (+ - 0.3V)
 Unit Dimensions  198 x 98 x 45 mm

In The Box

1. MGW1200 Waterproof Jump Starter
2. Intelligent Jump Start Cables
3. EC5 to OBD11 Memory Saver
4. EC5 to Cig Socket Connector
5. AC Charger 18 Watt Type C and USB
6 Type C to Type C Cable
7 USB to Type C Cable
8 Operation Manual
12 months repair or replace and another 2 years of pro rate warranty as outlined on our website